Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Beginning

And so it begins. An amazing journey through time and space; Through the reaches of the human mind and beyond that which we know to be real. We are following an unclaimed destiny with no true end in sight. At birth, we are skin, bones, eyes, blood, and brain. Untrained, unlearned, unaccounted for. But as we grow, we become responsible for emotion, and we take on a task greater than any other species alive. As we have evolved from the conception of man, our lives have become more hectic, and more difficult to sustain. Eventually, the world we have fostered and shaped, molded for our own, will collapse beneath us, and the earth will be nothing more than chunks of heated rock hurtling through space, containing microbial species that may land and again evolve on some undiscovered orbiting celestial ball some where out in the vast reaches of space. With each end comes a new begining. We will cycle back, return to this, no memory or account of the world we know now. And so it shall end and begin again anew in some other place and time.

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