Thursday, February 21, 2008


When I was sleeping, far away in some dreamy place... I saw two ravens dancing in an auburn sky... Dusk was setting on the world and everything was orange in the glow of the setting sun... The two birds seemed to be gliding endlessly on some unseen current of wind far above the shadow covered grass. I looked away for a moment, distracted by some movement in the brush ahead, and when I returned my gaze to the sky, the birds had gone away, leaving an empty, quiet sky. This silence in the world brought a tear to my eye, and I wept for all things lost and unseen. When I awakened from that dream, I saw a raven at my window sill. He sat for a moment, staring through my soul, and then vanished... Leaving only a dead empty silence between me and the world. Soon, in the midst of pure, sweet silence, there came a gunshot that rang in my ears long after I was gone.

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